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"I am not an interesting creature. Please go away "

Things I think I know about myself

hmmm…. well I’m a busy person I’m preoccupied doing useless things. Most of the time I’m in a daze and day dreaming, adding my oh so perfect character in the story, pairing myself with my countless bias, changing the original scenes so that they’ll end up falling head over heels for me. You know, the normal fangirl way of daydreaming.

I am fond of reading novels. Most particularly those that was written by Neil Gaiman and Anne Rice and let us not forget Edgar allan Poe’s short stories and poems. And Oh! I also love classical novels. When I’m reading well written books I become so absorb on it that I can’t sleep and eat unless I finish the whole thing and my adrenalin is like going sky high when I’m almost at the plot and my heart keeps beating fast.

Anime is my daily dose of drug. Every morning I start the day by checking if there are new manga release and updates on mangahere and mangareader. I’ve been an anime addict since grade 5 and I’m on my third year of college now.